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 Excel 2010

Level I

Learn to understand how Excel handles numerical information for analysis or tracking purposes; identify and work with the screen, screen tips, the Ribbon, and the Quick Access toolbar; create, edit, save, open, and close the workbooks; create and edit simple and ore complex formulas; apply text and numeric formatting options; control the data flow; set headers and footers for a worksheet; create, edit, and format simple charts; and so much more...

Course Outline:

    Introducing you to the basics; understanding what Excel is and does

    Manipulating Items: editing cells, copying and moving data, adjusting columns and rows, managing worksheets.

    Using Formulas: creating and editing simple formulas, referencing other worksheets, absolute and relative cell references, linking other workbooks, displaying and printing formulas.

    Formatting the Worksheet: formatting numbers and decimal digits, changing cell alignment, applying borders, using colours and themes, clearing cell contents, displaying gridlines and headings.

    Printing Your Worksheet: changing views, splitting panes, freezing panes, hiding workbooks, adding and previewing page breaks, customizing the printout, adjusting the margins, adding headers and footers.

    Working with Charts: creating a basic chart, changing chart types, working with pie charts, formatting your charts.

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 Excel 2010

Level II

Learn the advanced skills of this popular electronic spreadsheet program.  It is primarily designed to perform any number of mathematical calculations simultaneously, replacing the tedious work of using pencils, paper, and calculators.  Spreadsheets are extremely useful for solving financial and statistical problems, performing “what-if” analysis, and displaying line graphs, bar charts, and scatter-plot diagrams.

Course Outline:

    Using Functions: using the correct syntax, math and trigonometric functions, statistical functions, financial functions, logical functions, date & time functions, text functions, information functions, advanced functions.

    Working with Illustrations: moving and resizing shapes, using WordArt, using Clip Art, inserting pictures, using SmartArt, drawing objects.

    Customized Charts: formatting the legend, the axis, title text, data series, plot, and chart area; adding new data, using trendlines, auditing a worksheet.

    Customized Formatting: using Format Painter, hiding/unhiding data, cell styles, custom cell formats, conditional formatting.

    Working with Tables: creating a table, adding and deleting rows or columns, applying quick styles, working with named ranges.

    Working with Databases: understanding database concepts and terminology, filtering information, using the AutoFilter, using advanced filters, using comparison operators, sorting data by single-level and multi-level.

Dates and times dependent upon registration

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